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205706457Sergey KushnarevMathematics of Shapes and Applications (Lecture Notes Series, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore)2021pdf4/2/2023 8:45:22 PMeternal
205705325Richard J. MaherInnovative Approaches to Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Beyond Calculus2021pdf4/2/2023 8:34:08 PMeternal
2057022132F. StrocchiAn Introduction to the Mathematical Structure of Quantum Mechanics: A Short Course for Mathematicians (Second Edition) (Advanced Mathematical Physics) Ed 22021pdf4/2/2023 11:59:44 AMalex21s
205702159Reza Che DanielsHow Data Quality Affects our Understanding of the Earnings Distribution2021pdf4/2/2023 11:59:31 AMalex21s
205702051Miroslav BulicekNew Trends and Results in Mathematical Description of Fluid Flows (Ne as Center Series)2021pdf4/2/2023 11:59:17 AMalex21s
2057019123Jacek WoznyHow We Understand Mathematics: Conceptual Integration in the Language of Mathematical Description (Mathematics in Mind)2021pdf4/2/2023 11:59:04 AMalex21s
205701760Frederique BassinoComplexity and Randomness in Group Theory (GAGTA Book 1) (Gagta, 1)2021pdf4/2/2023 11:58:36 AMalex21s
205699883MuhlichFundamentals of Tensor Calculus for Engineers with a Primer on Smooth Manifolds (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 230)2021pdf4/2/2023 10:59:57 AMalex21s
205699788Nikolaos S. PapageorgiouApplied Nonlinear Functional Analysis: An Introduction (De Gruyter Textbook)2021pdf4/2/2023 10:59:48 AMalex21s
205699682Claudio GorodskiSmooth Manifolds (Compact Textbooks in Mathematics)2021pdf4/2/2023 10:59:39 AMalex21s
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