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20488015David AlvarezSpies in the Vatican: Espionage and Intrigue from Napoleon to the Holocaust (Modern War Studies (Hardcover))2021epub2/3/2023 8:46:03 PMmaveriks
20487958Fred Lee HordKnowing Him by Heart: African Americans on Abraham Lincoln (The Knox College Lincoln Studies Center)2021epub2/3/2023 8:43:41 PMmaveriks
20487964Denise KripperNarratives of Mistranslation (Routledge Studies in Literary Translation)2021pdf2/3/2023 8:43:27 PMmaveriks
20487733Wilfrid R. PrestThe Inns of Court under Elizabeth I and the Early Stuarts: 1590 1640 (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History) Ed 22021pdf2/3/2023 8:32:07 PMmaveriks
20487580Christof DejungThe Foundations of Worldwide Economic Integration: Power, Institutions, and Global Markets, 1850 1930 (Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise)2021pdf2/3/2023 8:25:31 PMmaveriks
20487460Seyed Hossein ZarhaniGovernance and Development in India (Routledge Advances in South Asian Studies)2021pdf2/3/2023 8:20:11 PMmaveriks
20487260Andrea CastagnolaManipulating Courts in New Democracies: Forcing Judges off the Bench in Argentina (Routledge Studies in Latin American Politics)2021epub2/3/2023 8:10:25 PMmaveriks
204871822Mohiuddin AhmadProceedings of International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Development: ICICTD 2022 (Studies in Autonomic, Data-driven and Industrial Computing)2021pdf2/3/2023 5:16:52 PMeternal
204870012Antonius C.G.M. RobbenPerpetrators: Encountering Humanity's Dark Side (Stanford Studies in Human Rights)2021pdf2/3/2023 5:10:37 PMeternal
204871612Ihsan YilmazPopulist and Pro-Violence State Religion: The Diyanet s Construction of Erdo anist Islam in Turkey (Palgrave Studies in Populisms)2021pdf2/3/2023 5:09:51 PMeternal

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