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202744636no autorSounds Good on Paper: How to Bring Business Language to Life2021pdf9/25/2022 12:04:08 PMrisotor
202457030no autorSounds of Modern History: Auditory Cultures in 19th- and 20th-Century Europe2021epub9/12/2022 11:12:52 AMrisotor
202374437no autorSounds French: Globalization, Cultural Communities and Pop Music, 1958-19802021pdf9/7/2022 5:21:12 PMeternal
202349359Marie-Paule MacdonaldJimi Hendrix: Soundscapes (Reverb)2021pdf9/6/2022 5:10:53 AMgestalt
2015565229no autorThe Sounds of French: An Introduction2021pdf7/15/2022 10:24:20 AMgestalt
201514238Danielle Shlomit SoferSex Sounds: Vectors of Difference in Electronic Music2021epub7/12/2022 9:58:17 PMalex21s
201423220N/AExperimenting With Dark Ambient Soundscapes Using Ableton Live TUTORiAL2022MP47/9/2022 1:04:04 PMoblivion
201233543no autorThe Latin American Art Song: Sounds of the Imagined Nations2021pdf7/1/2022 9:08:51 AMtopron
2011470102Matthew NuddsSounds and Perception: New Philosophical Essays2021pdf6/26/2022 7:57:45 PMmaveriks
201103939Susan RankinWriting Sounds in Carolingian Europe: The Invention of Musical Notation (Cambridge Studies in Palaeography and Codicology, Series Number 15)2021pdf6/25/2022 5:47:35 AMgestalt

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