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2046704121Abraham SocherLiberal and Illiberal Arts: Essays (Mostly Jewish)2021epub1/21/2023 1:54:17 AMrisotor
202531344no autorRebuilding European Democracy: Resistance and Renewal in an Illiberal Age2021epub9/16/2022 10:55:34 AMrisotor
202156066Kerem OktemExit from Democracy: Illiberal Governance in Turkey and Beyond2021epub8/23/2022 10:25:27 AMgestalt
201589562no autorIlliberal Politics in Southeast Europe: How Ruling Elites Undermine Democracy (The Southeast Europe and Black Sea Series)2021epub7/18/2022 7:47:48 PMeternal
200684441Catherine Owen Lecturer in Central Asian StudiesInterrogating Illiberal Peace in Eurasia: Critical Perspectives on Peace and Conflict (Global Dialogues: Non Eurocentric Visions of the Global)2021epub6/1/2022 9:24:07 PMrisotor
199424367no autorLiberalism in Illiberal States: Ideas and Economic Adjustment in Contemporary Europe2021pdf3/30/2022 9:34:28 AMalex21s
198546445no autorXenocitizens: Illiberal Ontologies in Nineteenth-Century America2021pdf2/27/2022 7:38:30 PMtopron
1982552104no autorThe Rise of Illiberalism2021pdf2/19/2022 7:20:26 AMtopron
1982407190no autorRuling by Cheating: Governance in Illiberal Democracy (Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law)2021pdf2/18/2022 9:33:52 AMgestalt
1975083128no autorIlliberal Constitutionalism in Poland and Hungary: The Deterioration of Democracy, Misuse of Human Rights and Abuse of the Rule of Law (Comparative Constitutional Change)2021pdf1/24/2022 1:49:32 PMeternal

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