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2066517116Eva SpencerCognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT Techniques Made Simple for Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Fear. Rewire Your Brain From Intrusive Thoughts, Emotional Intelligence, and More!2021epub6/2/2023 7:18:16 PMrisotor
2066387126Daniel SchutzerBecoming Resilient: Staying Connected under Adversity2023epub6/1/2023 11:18:01 PMtvladb77
206628965Thomas FinkReading Poetry with College and University Students: Overcoming Barriers and Deepening Engagement2021pdf6/1/2023 3:10:37 AMmaveriks
206621419Boris GroysBecoming an Artwork (Theory Redux)2021pdf6/1/2023 2:23:28 AMmaveriks
206579528Anesa HoseinNarratives of Becoming Leaders in Disciplinary and Institutional Contexts: Leadership Identity in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education2021pdf5/29/2023 5:07:01 PMeternal
206567074Stephen GrahamBecoming Noise Music: Style, Aesthetics, and History2021pdf5/29/2023 12:15:36 AMalex21s
2064692113Patrick WilliamsBecoming a Professional Life Coach (3rd Edition): The Art and Science of a Whole-Person Approach [Audiobook]2023m4b5/22/2023 9:52:07 AMtvladb77
206444137Dan Gabriel CacuciThe nth-Order Comprehensive Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology, Volume II: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality: Large-Scale Application (The ... Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology, 2)2021pdf5/21/2023 1:33:19 AMalex21s
206432573Tania Jane Moraes-VazLife, Love, Lemonade: Stories of Healing and Overcoming Life's Lemons2021epub5/20/2023 7:31:42 AMrisotor
206420594David GwynThe Coming of the Railway: A New Global History, 1750-18502021pdf5/19/2023 9:43:39 AMgestalt

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